Time expressions for present progressive

There are certain time expressions you need to pay attention to when using Present Progressive also know as Present Continuous. Take a look at the following:

right now
at this moment
at present
At this moment, at the moment, at the present moment
or at this present moment are different ways to refer to an action is happening at the time we are speaking!


Right now she’s doing exercise.

I’m feeding my dog at the moment.

These expressions go at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

There are other time expressions in Present Progressive or Present Continuous that refer to actions happening around now. Check them out:


  • week
  • weekend
  • month
  • semester
  • year
  • season
  • winter
  • spring
  • summer
  • fall/autumn
Tonight and These days are other common expressions in Present Continuous to refer to actions that are happening around now.


This week I’m studying for midterm exams.

My parents are playing board games tonight.

These expressions go at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.

Finally, there are some verbs that can be used to introduce the Present Progressive because they refer to actions that are happening in this moment, like:



Look! Our team is scoring a goal.

Listen! My favorite song is playing on the radio.

These expressions normally go at the beginning of a sentence.

Remember that we use the present simple to describe routines and habits. For example: I go to school on weekdays. And the present continuous to describe actions happening now or around now. For example: I am going to a party at the moment.

Time expressions help you identify if a sentence is in present simple or continuous.

Drag and drop exercise

Drag the time expressions and drop them into the correct column. Correct answers will appear in green.

once a week
this year
these days
twice a year
every day
on weekdays
at the moment
this spring

Time expressions to express routines and habits

Time expressions to express actions happening now or around now

Select exercise

Choose the correct time expression for each sentence.


I go to the park (now/once a week).

In this example the correct answer is once a week because the sentence expresses a habit.

I’m taking a bus home (tonight/seldom) because my mom has my car.

In this example, the correct answer is tonight because the sentence is about an action happening around now.

1 - I go to the movies

2 - I go to school by bus.

3 - I’m taking karate lessons

4 - The dogs are barking.

5 - My dad is cooking lunch