Don´t be jealous!

Don't be jealous

Knowing what people are doing is sometimes especially important. For example, when your boyfriend or girlfriend is with someone else, and of course, you want to know what he or she is doing, don’t you think? Read and listen to the following conversation between Griselda and her friend, Andrea. Griselda feels quite jealous because her boyfriend, Mariano, is studying with his former girlfriend and she feels worried because maybe they are too close.

Listening Writing exercise

Listen and fill in the gaps with the missing information.

Griselda: Andy, Andy! Quick! Come here!

Andrea: What? What happened?

Griselda: It’s Mariano, he is with his ex girlfriend.

Andrea: Really? Why? Why is he doing with her?

Griselda: Well, they are classmates now. So, they have some homework and right now they are supposed to be at the library.

Andrea: Don’t worry about it, if they are at the library I’m sure they are studying or something like that.

Griselda: I don’t know! Maybe they are kissing!

Andrea: No way! He loves you so much! So, he isn’t kissing her.

Griselda: You’re right, he’s all mine.

Andrea: But… maybe she is hugging him.

Griselda: No! I need to call him right now!

Andrea: Take it easy! It’s only a joke. They are doing their homework, that’s all.

Griselda: I can’t relax! What if they are not at the library? Maybe they are at the cinema and they are watching a movie or something.

Andrea: If they are at the cinema maybe they are holding hands.

Griselda: Andrea! You are not helping me!

Andrea: You're overreacting, Gris. Don’t worry. Maybe you can call him to make sure he is at the library and he isn’t doing anything romantic.

Griselda: Maybe you’re right but I don’t know, I don’t want him to think I’m a jealous person. After all, he is just at the library.

Andrea: Look! It’s Mariano! He’s coming.

Griselda: I’m happy you’re finally here.

Andrea: Yeah, me too. She was so worried because you were with your ex girlfriend.

Mariano: Don’t worry, Gris. No matter where I am or who I am with, I’m always thinking of you.

Griselda: Me too! Let’s not fight again!

Andrea: Pfff…. it’s always the same!

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.