Look at my photos!

Hi. My name is Guio. I am a teenager from Mexico and I would like to show you my favorite photos. I like all seasons of the year and taking photos, of course. It doesn't matter if it is cold, warm, rainy, sunny or freezing, I take photos all the time to remember beautiful moments and trips with my family and friends. Take a look at them.

Writing exercise

Read the descriptions and match them with the photos. Write the letter in the correct text.

Look at my photos

This is the funniest photo. We are having fun on the beach. My parents are having some drinks and we are playing in the sand. There are not any people swimming in the sea. It’s a warm day.

Look at my photos

In this photo I am in Paris, at the Louvre museum. It is rainy and a bit cold. I am posing for the photo. I am carrying an extra coat and my umbrella. I am wearing a blue pair of jeans and a white scarf. I am thinking of my family in Mexico because I am in Paris only with my friends and we are enjoying our trip.

Look at my photos

This photo is a bit scary. We are in the car and my dad is driving to the mountains. I like the countryside and traveling by car. It’s a foggy day and kind of cold. My mother is reading a book and my brother is sleeping. I am taking photos and eating some snacks. I remember this trip. I am talking to my father about the weather and listening to music at the same time.

Look at my photos

In this photo my family and I are riding our bikes in the countryside. It is a beautiful sunny morning and we are looking at natural wonders. We are talking about the lake and telling jokes. It is my favorite photo because I am spending time with my family, we are having fun together and at the same time we are doing exercise.

Look at my photos

This photo is wonderful. We are visiting Disneyland. We are posing for the photo and smiling a lot. We are wearing the same black T-shirt. My brother isn’t wearing short pants. It’s a warm day.

Look at my photos

Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations. I think winter is awesome. In this photo I am having fun with my family. We are taking lots of photos. We are decorating the Christmas tree. My grandma is not in the photo because she is preparing dinner in the kitchen. My brother and I are waiting for our presents and wearing Santa hats. The weather is wonderful, it’s very cold, but at the same time warm.

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
True or False exercise

Read the sentences from Guio's photos description and decide if they are True or False.

  True False

1. In Paris Guio is wearing a black coat.

2. They are riding bikes in a gym.

3. Her brother is wearing black jeans in Disneyland.

4. Many people are swimming in the sea.

5. Guio and her grandma are preparing dinner in the kitchen.

6. Her mother is chatting online in the car.

7. Guio is having fun in all the photos.