Seasons of the year, the weather and the environment


What’s your favorite kind of weather? What about your favorite season? Are you like Luis or like Amy?

Well, in fact there are four seasons in the year and more words to describe the weather and the environment. Look at this!

The four seasons of the year

Fall or Autumn
Fall or Autumn are used in American and British English. Fall is more common and Autumn is more formal.

The weather

The question you ask in English about the weather is: What’s the weather like? It’s sunny.
Listening practice

To answer the question there are a lot of options to describe the weather:

  • sunny

  • hot

  • warm

  • cold

  • hailing

  • cloudy

  • overcast

  • rainy

  • stormy

  • foggy

  • windy

  • snowy

The environment

Listening practice

There’s more vocabulary used to describe the environment. For instance:

Environment enemies
  • oil spill

  • acid rain

  • pollution

  • deforestation

  • greenhouse effect

Environment friends
  • save water

  • eco-friendly

  • recycle

  • garbage disposal

  • reforestation

  • environmentalist

Check exercise Writing exercise

Read the next sentences, they describe a word from the vocabulary about the environment, choose if the word in bold is correct, or if it is wrong, then write the correction on the space. NOTE: If you choose just write an 'XD' emoji.


Recycle is a synonym of contamination. Correction: Pollution


1. Deforestation is good for the environment because trees give oxygen to our planet.

2. Global warming is the main reason of weather changes.

3. A greenhouse effect is a person who takes care of the environment.

4. If you want to spill oil, take a shower in 5 minutes.

5. Acid rain has a lot of effects on the environment and contributes to the corrosion of any surface.



An environmentalist

Save water

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
Listening Writing exercise

Listen to the weather forecast and complete the information with the missing words.


1 - In the north of the country, the weather is cold and the temperature is 5°C.

2 - In the west, it’s warm and nice, but people are wearing a sweater because the weather is changing.

3 - In the center, the weather is overcast and the temperature is 10 °C.

4 - In the south of the country, the temperature is 28 °C and the weather is sunny.

5 - In the east, the weather is foggy, so people are driving carefully.