Party time

Today is your brother’s birthday. He loves parties so you have organized a surprise party for him. His girlfriend and he are spending time in the park while you are decorating the house.

His girlfriend, Kate, wants to know if they can go back to your house, so she decides to send you a whatsapp message.

Writing exercise

Look at the photos and complete the conversation.

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.


  1. Hey Zoe! Are you ready?
  2. Not yet. (decorate/living room/balloons), but I’m missing some stuff.
  3. I’m decorating the living room with balloons
  4. Why don’t you ask someone for help?
  5. Because everybody is busy. Look!
  6. Party time
  7. ? (Henry/dance/tango/broom)
  8. Is Henry dancing tango with a broom?
  9. No, he isn’t. (He/sweep/floor)
  10. He is sweeping the floor.
  11. Why ? (everybody/laugh) ? (George/tell/joke)
  12. is everybody laughing? / Is George telling them a joke?
  13. No, he isn’t. . (They/practice/smile photo)
  14. They are practicing their smile for the photo.
  15. And you guys, what ? (you/do)
  16. are you doing?
  17. Party time
  18. (sit/bench) and . (drink/soda)
  19. I’m sitting on a bench and drinking a soda.
  20. Party time
  21. . (play/dog)
  22. Your brother is playing with his dog.
  23. Done. You can come back home.
  24. Ok. I’ll see you in ten minutes.
Party time