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There are different events we attend and our outfit is important to give a good impression. Sometimes we ask for suggestions, we listen to fashion experts or read magazines to have an idea of what to wear. Well, in this section you are going to put this into practice with the following activities… Enjoy!

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What to wear for your graduation party?

Are you ready for your graduation night? Do you have the perfect outfit for the event?

Keep on reading about the ideas we have for you.

First, think if you really need to buy something new. Sometimes we don’t need to buy a new dress, a new suit and a new pair of shoes or high heels. Maybe that black dress you have and like a lot is ok for the night! Or probably you have a good quality suit you want to wear one more time. In those cases, do not spend your money on something new.

But… let’s say that you check your closet and you don’t have anything to wear for the event or you hate all your formal outfits and you just don’t want to wear those oxfords or those pumps with that brown suit and that horrible (you think) white dress… In this case, you really need a new outfit!

Well, now that you know you need to buy something, think about what you like, not about fashion trends. Imagine that the trends of the season are leopard print dresses for women and plaid suits for men… but you don’t like those patterns, they are ok for other people and they look good, even your best friend is wearing that and you love how he or she looks, but to be honest, that is not for you because it’s simply not your style.

Then, look for clothes that make you feel good, for example, women need a dress that is not too short or too long and in colors you really like. Men need dark colors for the night, but if you hate black, don’t get a black suit just because it’s a night event; you can get a gray or striped suit too! Those are great options for graduation parties.

Finally, the shoes are also important, buy comfortable shoes, remember you are going to dance all night long!

Based on the information of the reading tab choose the correct option for the following questions.

Basado en la información de la primer pestaña elige las opciones correctas de las siguientes preguntas.

    1. Imagine you have a dress you like in your closet and it’s perfect for the graduation party. According to the post that means that….

    • a) You want to buy a new dress
    • b) You hate your dress
    • c) You don’t need to buy new clothes
  1. 2. When you hate all your formal outfits for the graduation party... According to the post that means that...

    • a) You need a new outfit
    • b) You don’t like new outfits
    • c) You want informal outfits
  2. 3. According to the post, your best friend’s outfit is...

    • a) not new
    • b) not your style
    • c) not a fashion trend
  3. 4. What women need for a graduation party?

    • a) a long dress and high heels
    • b) a short dress and comfortable shoes
    • c) a comfortable dress and shoes
  4. 5. What do men need for a graduation party?

    • a) a suit
    • b) dark jeans
    • c) dancing shoes

Complete the sentences.

Completa las oraciones.

  1. You don’t need to buy new clothes when you have something you like in your closet.
  2. When you have a nice quality suit, don’t buy new clothes.
  3. It’s important to pay attention to what you reallylike, not to fashion trends.
  4. A gray or stripped suit is a great option for graduation parties for men.
  5. Comfortable shoes are the best.
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.

Listen to a radio program about graduation outfits around the world. Later, read the exercise and choose if the sentences are T for True or F for False. Observe the Flip Cards, they can help you with the vocabulary included in the listening.

Escucha un programa de radio sobre atuendos para graduación alrededor del mundo. Posteriormente, lee las oraciones del ejercicio y decide si son ciertas (True) or falsas (False). Observa la sección de tarjetas de vocabulario, te pueden ser útiles para comprender mejor la conversación.

  • School uniform

  • Wedding dress

  • Graduation gown

  • Graduation cap

  • Sea-captain-style hat

  • Apron

  • Black dress

    1. In Asia all graduates wear their school uniforms on their graduation day.

    • True
    • False
  1. 2. In the Phillipines graduates don’t wear black clothes.

    • True
    • False
  2. 3. European students wear white clothes and a special hat.

    • True
    • False
  3. 4. Women in Russia don’t wear aprons only in the kitchen. They wear aprons on their graduation day.

    • True
    • False
  4. 5. This radio program is about what people need to buy for their graduation parties in America.

    • True
    • False