Clothes we don’t like/hate/want/need and have

Clothes and accesories

Do you like all kinds of clothes?

Sometimes you go shopping with your best friend and turns out that you DON’T like the same clothes or even the same colors.

But, how to say you DON´T?

I DON't like I don’t like this color.
He DOESN't like He doesn’t like suits.
She DOESN't like She doesn’tlike short dresses.
It DOESN't like It doesn’t like clothes.
They DON't like They don’t like blue.
We DON't like We don’t like coats but they wear them when it’s cold.
You DON't like You don’t like the same things as me.

That is: SUBJECT + DON’T or DOESN’T + Verb Simple Form

Note: Remember that the subject can also be a name: Daniel doesn’t like my new sweater. / doesn’t like skirts. / Alma and Andrea don’t like black necklaces.

There are some other verbs VERBS you can use to express your point of view about a piece of clothing:

Clothes and accesories

don’t / doesn´t like

Clothes and accesories

don’t / doesn´t hate

Clothes and accesories

don’t / doesn´t want

Clothes and accesories

don’t / doesn´t need

Clothes and accesories

don’t / doesn´t have

Writing Exercise

Complete the dialogue. According to the images, write the verb, use the negative form.

Completa los diálogos. Revisa la imagen, de acuerdo a ésta utiliza el verbo en negativo.

Jane: Hi, Peter! Where are you going?

Peter: Hi there! I’m going to the mall. I need some new clothes.

Jane: Can I come with you?

Peter: Sure.

- - - At the mall - - -

Jane: I don't like the way those jeans look on you. Try this suit, please.

Clothes and accesories

Peter: I don't need a suit. I need some sweaters. Let’s look for them.

Jane: OK. Look! There are some red ones.

Clothes and accesories

Peter: I like the color and my mom doesn't hate it but she won’t be very happy if I buy them.

Jane: What about those blue ones?

Clothes and accesories

Peter: I don't want anything in blue. Most of my clothes are blue and my mom says I need to try different colors.

Jane: Alright! What about this pink shirt.

Clothes and accesories

Peter: Great! I don't have anything in pink.

Jane: Awesome! Try it on.

Clothes and accesories
Writing Exercise

Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in negative.

Completa las oraciones utilizando los verbos en forma negativa.

  1. My mother doesn’t like (not like) red dresses. She says they are old fashioned.
  2. Karina doesn’t need (not need) a new skirt. She has a lot and she also borrows her sister’s.
  3. Mike doesn´t have (not have) black shoes.
  4. Alex and Andy don’t hate (not hate) that color, but I don’t think they love it.
  5. She doesn’t want (not want) a new pair of jeans.
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.