Describing clothes

When we want to buy some clothes, we normally need to express the size, color, patterns,etc. in order to get what we really want to buy. Watch the following video to give you some ideas about it.

Listening practice

In the video, you can observe the girl describing some clothes she is looking for in the Net and the ones she bought. Check the following vocabulary cards to learn some useful words in order to know hot to describe your clothes or someone else´s.

En el video puedes observar a la chica describiendo algunas prendas que está buscando en internet y las que ella compra. Revisa el siguiente vocabulario y aprende algunas palabras útiles para describir tu ropa y accesorios.

  • long sleeve

  • short sleeve

  • sleeveless

  • cotton

  • denim

  • leather

  • polyester

  • silk

  • wool

  • linen

  • pink

  • green

  • red

  • blue

  • beige

  • yellow

  • purple

  • orange

  • brown

  • gray

  • polka dot

  • striped

  • plaid

  • check

  • printed

  • flowered

  • plain

  • large

  • medium

  • small

  • awful

  • trendy

  • beautiful

  • fabulous

  • casual

  • formal

  • lovely

  • old fashion

This useful vocabulary can help you to describe quality, color, and the size of your clothing. You can describe it in an easy way or in the most complicated way possible. Look at the following examples:

Clothes and accesories

★ a t-shirt

★ a beautiful t-shirt

★ a beautiful long sleeve t-shirt

★ a beautiful long sleeve blue t-shirt

★ a beautiful long sleeve blue cotton t-shirt

★ a beautiful medium long sleeve new blue cotton t-shirt

Clothes and accesories

★ a dress

★ a casual dress

★ a casual flowered dress

★ a casual small flowered dress

★ a casual small flowered old dress

★ a casual small flowered old silk dress

Adjectives in English have a very special order. Check the following image to give you a clear idea.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You do not need to write all the adjectives to describe an object or person, it is very common to use just three or four adjectives.

Clothes and accesories
Writing exercise

Watch the following four images about clothes and write the correct words in the correct gap.

Observa las siguientes cuatro imágenes y las palabras que se te dan y escribe las palabras que correspondan en los recuadros para describir la prenda.

  1. Clothes and accesories
    a long sleeve silk white sweater
  2. Clothes and accesories
    a sleeveless cotton red sweater
  3. Clothes and accesories
    a lovely flowered trendy dress
  4. Clothes and accesories
    a beautiful polka dot wool dress
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
Writing exercise

Imagine you want to tell your best friend what his or her crush is wearing because you just saw him or her or because you have seen him or her with someone else. You need to give a detailed description of his or her clothes. Look at the following four images and write a description about his or her clothing.

Imagínate que quieres describir a tu mejor amigo o amiga cómo va vestido su crush porque lo acabas de ver o porque lo has visto con alguien más. Necesitas describir a detalle su vestimenta. Mira las siguientes cuatro imágenes y escribe una descripción de su ropa ..

Clothes and accesories
Clothes and accesories
Clothes and accesories
Clothes and accesories