Which do you prefer?

In this section you will learn how to make questions about clothes using question words such as WHAT…? WHICH…? and WHY…? Look at the chart to understand the use of these questions.







To ask about specific things, objects, topics and situations.

To ask about choices. Usually between two alternatives. We usually use WHICH ONE.

To ask about a reason or explanation. We answer with BECAUSE.


What is your favorite outfit to a party?
A short black dress and black heels.

What color is that sweater?
It’s brown.

Which dress is more beautiful?
The pink polka dotted one

Which scarf is warmer for you: the red one or the blue one?
I think, the blue one.

Why do you like black clothes?
Because that’s my personal style.

Why do you wear sweaters in Summer?
Because I am cold all the time.

Writing exercise

Look at the pictures and complete the dialogues with a questions word: What / Which (one/ ones ) / Why / Because.

Mira las imágenes y completa los diálogos con palabras interrogativas (What / Which ( one/ones)/ Why / because)

Adam: Hi Britney! You look great today!

Britney: Oh! Thank you Adam.

Adam: What is your favorite outfit for Summer?

Britney: I like blouses and short skirts. I usually wear sandals. What about you?

Adam: Well, I have lots of jeans and T-shirts. that’s my style.

Girl: Oh dad, hurry up! I want to buy my birthday dress today.

Dad: I’m going. Take it easy!

Mom: Wich color do you prefer, pink or white?

Girl: Pink. Of course!

Mom: Why? I think you have lots of pink dresses.

Girl: Because that’s my favorite color.

Bruce: I need a pair of sneakers. But I can’t decide wich ones.

David: I think Nike are good but a bit expensive!

Bruce: Yeah! I agree.

David: Which is better for you, the sneakers by Nike or the one by Adidas?

Bruce: I think the Nike ones.

Andy: I love sunglasses!

Luis: Me too! Why do you like them?

Andy: Because I have my eyes protected and I look gorgeous!.

Luis: Whichis your favorite brand, Ray- Ban or Tous?

Andy: Mmm. I like both!