This one / these ones

Sometimes we use “this one” (singular) or “these ones” (plural) to indicate that we like, want, etcetera, one specific option. For example, imagine that you are in a clothing store and there are many different sweaters and your friend is trying to choose one, so he asks your opinion:

A: Which sweater do you like?

B: I like this one.

We don’t answer with “I like this sweater” because it is redundant. We don’t need to repeat the word “sweater” so we substitute “sweater” for the word “one”. Then, “I like this sweater” becomes: “I like this one”.

When we talk about near plural objects we use “These ones”. Look at the following example:

A: Which shoes do you want to buy?

B: I want to buy these ones, please (We substitute “shoes” for the word “ones”

We use “this one” (singular) and “these ones” (plural) when we are near the objects we refer to. When objects are far we use “that one” (singular) and “those ones” (plural). Study the following examples.

Which jacket do you want?

I want this one (near, singular)

Which jacket do you want?

I want that one (far, singular)

Which glasses do you like?

I like these ones (near, plural)

Which glasses do you like?

I like those ones (far, plural)

Writing exercise

Complete the following conversations with “this one”/ “ that one” / “these ones” “those ones”. Images can help you decide which the right answers are.

Completa las siguientes conversaciones usando “this one”/ “ that one” / “these ones” “those ones”. Las imágenes pueden ayudarte a decidir cual es la respuesta correcta.

A: Hey, Lucy! What do you think about this new dress? Do you like it?

B: Well, to be honest it isn’t very nice… I prefer this one

A: Really? mmm… I don’t know. Well, I also need a blouse. Do you like that one? Over there, in that clothing store

B: The blue one? Yes, that one is very nice. Let’s buy it.

A: Hi Rosy, what are you doing?

B: Hi there, I have a party tomorrow but I don’t know what to wear. You know I’m not good at making decisions.

A: Take it easy! What are your options?

B: Well, I only have problems with my earrings, I have these ones but I’m not sure they match with my high heels.

A: Let me see your high heels.

B: They are those ones, you see?

A: Well, They match with your earrings, good choice. You’re ready for the party

B: Really? Thanks for helping me decide! You’re the best friend in my life!

A: Good morning Sir, May I help you?

B: Yes, please. I need a present for my girlfriend, but I’m not sure what to buy. She likes shoes. Do you have any?

A: Well, I have these ones. They are comfortable and very cheap.

B: Great! They are perfect! and I’d like a necklace too. Can you show me some options.

A: Sure, I have this one. It is very elegant and it matches with the shoes

B: Perfect again! Thanks for helping me

A: You’re welcome! We are always happy to help

A: Wow! look at that woman! She has a very nice skirt

B: Who? Which woman?

A: That one over there, in front of the library. Do you see?

B: Yes, I agree. Her skirt is really cool. And she has a nice cap, doesn’t she?

A: You know I love caps, but I don’t like that one. It’s weird… no no, I don’t like it.

B: I do, she has a great style!