Describing clothes

Imagine you want to buy a new piece of clothing. What things do you consider before buying it? Price? Color? Style? So, let's check some vocabulary that will help you when you want to describe clothes

Describing clothes
Listening practice

Look at the following pictures and click on each item to listen to the pronunciation.

Observa las siguientes imágenes y da clic en cada una de las prendas para escuchar la pronunciación.

  • sneakers

  • gym clothes

  • a hoodie

  • a cap

  • a skirt

  • top tank

  • a hat

  • sandals

  • shoes

  • a shirt

  • a vest

  • a tie

  • pants

  • a polo shirt

  • jeans

  • sunglasses

  • a suit

  • a blouse

  • high heels

  • a scarf

There are some words that help us describe clothes. For example:

Look at that dress. It's beautiful!
My shoes are old. I need a new pair.
Mariana is wearing a stylish suit.

Now look at the following words. They are examples of some adjectives we can use to describe clothes or accessories.

fashioned / unfashionable
This is an old fashioned / unfashionable hat.
rocker style
I love rocker-style jackets!
These shoes are very comfortable.
I don't like skinny jeans.
sleeveless dress
I need a sleeveless dress for the party.
Giselle´s clothes are very sporty.
I think this is a very expensive scarf.
I hate baggy pants.
designer handbag
I want to buy a designer handbag.
These flip-flops are very cheap!
Writing exercise

Gigi and Luis are thinking of buying some clothes with the money they saved for a year. Read the conversation and complete the ideas using vocabulary to describe the clothes and accessories in the pictures. Look at the example:

Gigi y Luis piensan comprar ropa con el dinero que ahorraron por un año. Lee la conversación y completa las ideas utilizando vocabulario que describa la ropa y accesorios de las imágenes. Observa el ejemplo:

I think I can buy that Nike cap that is at the outlet. It is not very expensive.

Gigi: Luis, what would you like to buy with the money we saved?

Luis: I’d like to buy a rocker style hoodie

Gigi: I know, you love rock bands. I have one and I wear it every time I go to a concert.

Luis: Yep, and I also need a new pair of jeans. They have to be skinny

Gigi: I prefer baggy jeans. You know, they are very comfortable.

Luis: And you, what do you want to buy?

Gigi: Well, my birthday is soon so I’d like to wear a sleeveless dress. A red one because it’s my favorite color.

Luis: You’ll look very beautiful! I’m sure you need a handbag. Am I right?

Gigi: You’re right! There is one at the outlet. It is a designer one.

Luis: Uuuuuh! Girls love fashion!

Gigi: Hey! Boys love fashion too! I remember you have a pair of fashionable sunglasses! They are Ralph Lauren!

Luis: And they are my favorite ones.

Gigi: I think we have enough money to buy those things.

Luis: Yeeeees! Let’s go!