Put it all together

Writing exercise

Listen and complete the gaps with one or two words.

Escucha y completa los espacios utilizando solamente una o dos palabras.

1. Ashley has a party next Saturday.

2. Ashley doesn’t have her outfit yet.

3. Peter can go with Ashley to the mall.

4. Ashley thinks a gown is a good idea.

5. Peter thinks a cocktail dress is what Ashley needs.

6. Ashley doesn’t like cocktail dresses.

7. Peter thinks Ashley needs to try some dresses on.

8. They are going to meet at the mall in an hour.

Writing exercise

Completa las conversaciones con las palabras de la caja.

Complete the conversations with the words from the box.

have / color / love / ones / which / need / one / idea

Peter: Hi, dear!

Ashley: Hi, bestie! Thanks for coming.

Peter: No worries. So, let’s check the dress first and then we can see high heels and accessories.

Ashley: Great idea ! Let’s go!

Peter: So, you need a cocktail dress, that we know. What’s your favorite color ?

Ashley: I love red.

Peter: look, this one is lovely. Try it on.

Ashley: OK.

There is / There are

Ashley: What do you think?

Peter: Well, the color is amazing but I don’t like the cut. Why don’t you try this one.

Ashley: OK

Peter: That’s the one. I love how it looks on you.

Ashley: Me too. I love it. Let’s buy it.

There is / There are

At the shoes shop…
Ashley: Look, these ones are lovely. I love them.

Peter: And they come in different colors. Which one do you like? Silver or golden?

Ashley: I love them both. Which one do you think match better?

Peter: I hate the golden ones. I think the silver ones are the best option for you.

Ashley: Yeah! Good idea.

Peter: Finally, let’s get the accessories.

Ashley: A bracelet and a ring.

Peter: Yeah! You are right.

Ashley: What color?

Peter: Silver as your shoes.

Ashley: OK. Let’s get them.

Ashley: Thanks a lot, bestie! I have all I need for the party. Do you want to come with me?

Peter: Sure! Let’s get my outfit.

Ashley: Yeah! I can help you. Ha ha ha.

Peter: Ha ha ha.