Linking words

In this section you will learn how to use linking words or conjunctions to connect words, phrases and short sentences. Look carefully at the following chart.






To add information or to connect two similar ideas.

To show a difference or an opposite idea.

To show a choice between two or more options.


I need a swimming suit and a pair of sandals.

I like this blue and white tie.

This is a nice sweater, but it’s really expensive.

I want a new dress, but I don’t have money.

Which skirt do you prefer, the long one, or the short one?

You can have the yellow shirt, or the green one.

Put a comma before the conjunctions or and but.

Select exercise

Sam and Becky are at the mall. They want to buy some clothes. Choose the correct conjunction and, but, and or to complete their conversation.

Sam y Becky están en el centro comercial. Quieren comprar ropa. Escoge la conjunción correcta y completa su conversación.

Sam: Look! These jackets are on sale I need one. Which one do you like better, the red one, the pink one?

Becky: I love the pink one, it’s more expensive, too.

Sam: Well, I also prefer the pink one. It´s more attractive looks warmer. What about you Becky! Why don’t you buy one?

Becky: No, I want a sweater, I’m not sure about the color.

Sam: I think, you can have a blue sweater, a white one! They look perfect on you.

Becky: I’ll take the white one. I hate blue.