Put it all together

A Canadian exchange student has come to Mexico to study part of the high school here at CCH. His name is Joshua, would you like to know something about him?

Writing exercise

Listen to the audio in which Mike meets Joshua. Then answer the questions. Use complete sentences.

Escucha el audio y contesta las preguntas. Utiliza enunciados completos.

1. What’s his name?
His name is Joshua.
2. Where is he from?
He’s from Toronto, Canada.
3. How old is he?
He’s sixteen years old.
4. What’s his address?
It’s 33 Salvador Street.
5. What’s his e-mail address?
It’s josh_bates@yahoo.ca
6. What’s his cell phone number?
It’s 55 1147 8851
You can check your answers when you finish the activity.