Cell phone number


Five-three, nine- eight, five- nine, oh-one.

In English we give phone numbers by saying each individual number. Zero is read as letter O.

Check the following dialogue between Thelma and Patrick.

Hey Patrick, what´s your phone number?
My cell phone number is 55 2624 3630
Cellphone number
It´s 55 1087 4036. What´s yours Thelma?

But what if we want to ask other people’s phone numbers?

  • We change your for: his, her, their, etc.
  • We also make the agreement to the verb: is → are

Look at the examples:

Robby, is Isabel your friend?
What´s her phone number?
Cellphone number
Yes, she is.
Let me check it…her phone number is 54820901
Writing exercise

Write the words in the correct spaces.

Escribe las palabras en los espacios correspondientes.

Their phone number is 55 2690 8236
her number is 91573046
what´s his phone number?
My phone number is 5835 2411
1. What’s your phone number?
My phone number is 5835 2411
2. Hey Thomas, what’s Sheila’s phone number? Oh let me check it,
her number is 91573046
3. I need to call Christopher,
what´s his phone number?

4. For further information, please contact Eduard and Vanessa.

Their phone number is 55 2690 8236
You can check your answers when you finish the activity.
Listening and writing exercise

Click on each audio and write the information you hear.

Da click en cada audio y escribe la información que escuches.

A: See you Sarah, please call me at 5 o’clock.

B: Ok,

A: It’s 55 8205 7160

what’s your phone number Rich?

A: Hey Mary, do you know what Silvia’s phone number is?

B: Sure!
Her phone number is 9365 8841.

Do you play a musical instrument? Would you like to be a member in our rock band?

Contact us,
our phone number is: 052 394 081.

A: Sheila, I don’t remember what time Max’s party is

B: Why don’t you make him a call?

A: Because I don’t have his phone number.

B: I have it,
his phone number is 631 852 097.