Put it all together

When we have a crush we would like to go with him/her to all the world! Of course we would like to go to different events and places. It’s more probable that he/she accepts our invitation if we invite him/her considering what he/she likes.

Writing exercise

Read the following conversation between Axel and Romina. She is Axel’s crush.

Lee la siguiente conversación entre Axel y Romina. Ella es el crush de Axel.

A: Hi Rom, how are you?

R: Hi Axel, I’m fine and you?

A: Fine thanks… em… listen, there’s a rock concert… and maybe... em… let’s go together. What do you think?

R: It sounds a good idea, but tell me: When is the concert?

A: Well, it’s on Saturday night. It’s on February 14…

R: Saturday night? I don’t know… What time is the concert?

A: It’s at 7 o’clock… I can pick you up at 6 if that’s OK for you.

R: Is it far? Where is the concert?

A: Oh, it’s at the National Auditorium. I have the tickets.

R: Wow! You have everything ready!

Axel y Romina

Not only do we invite our crush to go out, but also do we invite our friends. Complete the following invitations. Imagine you are the one inviting a friend of yours.

No solo invitamos a nuestro crush, sino también a nuestros amigos. Completa las siguientes conversaciones. Imagina que tú eres el que está invitando a uno de tus amigos.

A: Hi dude, how are you?

B: I’m fine, and you?

A: I’m fine, thanks. What’s up?

B: Well, there is a party, would you like to go ?

A: A party? Sure! Where is the party?

B: The party is at my home

A: That’s great, dude… and when is the party?

B: It’s on my birthday, it’s on January 1st.

A: New year? Wow… I guess I’ll be a bit sleepy, but that’s ok… em, sure, see you there, dude.

A: Hey Pepe, Happy birthday!

B: Thanks, Tere! You’re so nice! You always remember

A: Of course I do. and Listen! there is a great play… and I have 2 tickets!

B: You are the best friend in the entire world! I love plays. When is the play?

A: Well, today is your birthday, so the play is today!

B: Really? Wow! What time is the play?

A: It’s at 5 pm, we still have time, don’t worry.

B: Great, and… where is the play?

A: It’s at Blanquita theater

B: Well, let’s go , I want to arrive on time!