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Kiss cam

Do you know what a Kiss Cam is?

Well… Imagine you invite your crush to a baseball game, a soccer match, a football championship or any event you know he or she likes and at the middle of it the camera is on you both, your are displayed on the giant video screen located at the top of the place, all eyes are on you and everyone is expecting a kiss from you. What would you do? Kiss your date or miss the opportunity, he or she may kiss you back but maybe not. If you both kiss, people at the place will clap, whistle and cheer you up, but the biggest reward, I think, is that you get to kiss your crush and if he or she refuses to kiss you back, yeah, you will be rejected on television, but you will know if that person has the same feeling as you do. Check the next video to see with your own eyes what it is about.

As you can see, it can turn out really well and even hilarious, but extremely awkward if your crush doesn’t want to kiss you back and puts you in the “friend zone”.