Exercises - Time prepositions

Writing exercise

Two friends are talking about the next weekend events. Read the announcements and complete the dialogues with the correct preposition of time in, on, or at.

Dos amigos están platicando sobre los eventos del próximo fin de semana. Lee los anuncios y completa los diálogos con la preposición de tiempo correcta in, on, at.

Here is the weekend calendar of upcoming events.

A: When is The Tae Kwon Doe competition?
B: It’s Sunday afternoon.
A: When is The Tae Kwon Doe competition?
B: It’s on Sunday afternoon.
A: Is the soccer match 9:30 the morning or the evening?
B: It’s night.
A: Is the soccer match at 9:30 in the morning or in the evening?
B: It’s at night.
A: Let’s watch a romantic movie 8 p.m.
B: Ok!
A: Let’s watch a romantic movie at 8 p.m.
B: Ok!
A: When are the guitar classes?
B: They’re weekends.
A: When are the guitar classes?
B: They’re on weekends.
A: Are there dance classes for couples?
B: Yes, they’re the afternoon weekends.
A: Are there dance classes for couples?
B: Yes, they’re in the afternoon on weekends.
A: Is the Love Film Festival Wednesday?
B: No, it’s Thursday and Friday.
A: Is the Love Film Festival on Wednesday?
B: No, it’s on Thursday and Friday.
Writing exercise

Listen to Bill and Paula talking about events. Then look at the sentences. Every sentence has a mistake. Listen to their conversation again and correct them.

Escucha a Bill y Paula hablar sobre eventos. Observa las oraciones. En cada oración hay un error. Escucha su conversación nuevamente y corrige los errores.

Bill: Hey! Paula, what events are there this week? I want to invite my crush out.

Paula: Let’s see… On Friday there is a Bruno Mars concert.

Bill: Oh really! What time is it?

Paula: It’s in the afternoon. It’s at 4:00.

Bill: Is there a football game on Sunday morning?

Paula: No, it’s on Monday night at 9:30. And this weekend, we have Paul’s birthday party.

Bill: Oh! Great! When is it?

Paula: Saturday at half past seven.

Bill: That’s so early! How about movies! Is there a good movie on TV this week?

Paula: Yes, there’s a Tom Holland on Tuesday at midnight!

Bill: Midnight! Gee, that’s too bad! I have to get up early.

Paula: And don’t forget the lecture at school.

Bill: What day is it?

Paula: It’s on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

Bill: Well, on Sunday, I can take my crush to the art exhibition.

Paula: Good idea! Have fun!

1. The party is at half past six.
The party is at half past seven.
2. The movie is at noon.
The movie is at midnight.
3. The concert is in the evening.
The concert is in the afternoon.
4. The lecture is on Monday morning
The lecture is on Wednesday morning.
5. The baseball game is at 9:30 p.m.
The football game is at 9:30 p.m.
6. It’s a wedding party.
It’s a birthday party.
Writing exercise

Read the conversation below. You are Linda. Use the phrases below each picture to complete the conversation. Don’t forget to use AT, ON or IN.

Lee la conversación de abajo. Tú eres Linda. Usa las frases que están debajo de cada imagen para completar la conversación. No olvides usar AT, ON o IN.

My birthday
Monday & Friday
Saturday morning
Christmas Day

Elly: Mom, can you help me? I need some information about you. It’s for my school project… you know… the survey about hobbies and preferences.

Linda: Of course darling, what do you want to know?

Elly: Question number one… When do you like buying new clothes?


On my birthday

Elly: Ok. And when do you prefer reading a book?


At bedtime

Elly: Question number three…When do you go on vacation?


In the summer

Elly: Four…What time do you usually have lunch?


At noon

Elly: And what about your English lessons? When do you take classes?


On Monday and Friday

Elly: And yoga classes?


On Saturday morning

Elly:Ok. Let’s see question number seven …When do you usually work extra time?


In April

Elly:Last question…When do you usually make a special dinner?


On Christmas Day.

Elly:That’s right! Thank you mom.

Linda: Oh sweety… I love helping you!

Writing exercise

Complete the spaces in the following comic with an appropriate phrase or word according to the context.

Completa la historieta escribiendo en los espacios una frase o palabra que sea adecuada según la situación.

Andrew: Hey, I'm reading a magazine and there is some news about the Vive Latino Festival.

Daisy: Really?! Tell me more about it.

Andrew: Well, many bands are giving a concert!

Daisy: Oh my God! When is the Festival? Is it in this month?

Andrew: No, it isn't. It's in March.

Daisy: What day is the Vive Latino Festival?

Andrew: It's on Saturday and Sunday.

Daisy: What time does the Festival start?

Andrew: At 1:30 pm.

Daisy: Oh that's great!!

Andrew: Let's go together on Saturday.

Daisy: Sure, that would be great!!

Andrew: Wait, I have an idea, why don't we meet to buy the tickets?

Daisy: Yeah, that's cool. When do we meet?

Andrew: Uhmm. What about this Friday at 3:00 pm?

Daisy: Yes, I'll be free, but where do we meet?

Andrew: Let me think... Let's meet at La Casa de Toño.

Daisy: Ok, we have lunch first and then we go for the tickets.

Andrew: Perfect!

Daisy: See you then.