Put it all together

Listening practice

Listen to Frida making a description of her bedroom. Drag and drop the objects in the appropriate space in the bedroom.

Escucha a Frida describir su recámara. Arrastra y suelta los objetos en el espacio correcto.

Writing exercise

Listen again to the audio and match the columns.

Escucha nuevamente el audio y relaciona las columnas.

1. There is a purple rug
f) under the bed
2. There is a chest of drawers
d) next to the bed
3. The bed is
e) between the bookshelf and the night table
4. There are clothes
a) in the wardrobe
5. There is a desk
b) next to the wardrobe
6. There are a flower pot and a lamp
c) on the desk
a) in the wardrobe
b) next to the wardrobe
c) on the desk
d) next to the bed
e) between the bookshelf and the night table
f) under the bed
Reading practice

Read about Sarah’s apartment and answer the questions.

Lee acerca del departamento de Sarah y responde las preguntas.

Hello, my name is Sarah. Welcome to my apartment! My apartment is big. It has seven rooms. The first room is the living room. There is a sofa and two armchairs. The TV is opposite the sofa. The dining room is next to the living room. There is a table with four chairs and a small cupboard. The kitchen is small. There is a stove, a refrigerator and the sink. Above the sink there is a cupboard. I only have a bathroom. There is a shower, a toilet and a sink. There are three bedrooms. One big bedroom and two small ones. My parents sleep in the big bedroom. My bedroom is small, but very comfortable. The other small bedroom is a study. My computer is on the desk and my books are in the bookcase.

1. How many rooms are there in Sarah’s apartment?
There are seven rooms
2. What is there in the dining room?
There is a table with four chairs and a small cupboard
3. Where is the kitchen?
It is in front of the living room
4. Is there a bathtub in the bathroom?
No, it isn’t
5. Who sleeps in the big bedroom?
Sarah’s parents
6. Where does Sarah have a bookcase?
It is in the studio
You can check your answers when you finish the activity.