Prepositions of place

Prepositions of place

When we describe a room and what is in it, we use prepositions of place to say where things are. Look at the following prepositions.

Listening practice

Now look at the following picture and play the audio to hear the pronunciation.

Observa la siguiente imagen y reproduce el audio para escuchar la pronunciación.

My favorite place of the house is my bedroom. Let’s have a look around it.

1. The clothes are in the closet.
2. There is a picture on the wall.
3. The bedside table is next to the bed.
4. The toybox is in front of the bed.
5. The window is between the picture and the shelf.
6. The rug is under the toybox.
7. The shelf is above the fishbowl.
Prepositions of place
Practice exercise

Now, look at the picture again and choose the best option to show where the following things are.

Ahora, vuelve a observar la imagen y escoge la mejor opción que muestre en donde se encuentran los siguientes objetos.

Where are the toys?

Where’s the plant?

Where’s the closet?

Where’s the shelf?

Drag and drop exercise

Read the description of the living room and drag the objects to the correct place according to the description.

Lee la siguiente descripción de la sala y arrastra los objetos al lugar correcto de acuerdo a la descripción.

My favorite room in the house is the living room because there I spend time with my family watching TV or just talking. There is a sofa and an armchair. The armchair is on the right side of the sofa. There is a lamp between the sofa and the armchair. The coffee table is in front of the sofa and there is a plant on it. The window is behind the sofa. There is a TV opposite the armchair. There are two small pictures above the TV. My dog likes to sleep under the coffee table.

Select exercise

Look at the picture of the kitchen and complete the description with the correct preposition of place. Then check your answers.

Observa la foto de la cocina y completa la descripción con una preposición de lugar. Posteriormente, revisa tus respuestas.

Prepositions of place

In this kitchen, the stove is two cabinets. There is a blender the left cabinet and the microwave oven is the blender. There are some jars a cupboard. The refrigerator is the sink. There is a round table the window with four chairs. The trash can is side of the kitchen. You can see a pot the stove.