Con este material, aprenderás a identificar y utilizar expresiones comunes en el salón de clases para iniciar la comunicación, de manera oral y escrita.

Revisa el siguiente cultural clip donde conocerás cómo son las actividades de clase en otros países.

Cultural Clip


Salón de clases en Finlandia

Finnish students are free and they work independently. Teachers have peaceful disposition in the classroom. In the classroom, they’re present with their students, listening carefully to them. Outside of the classroom, they take regular breaks throughout the day and connect with other teachers.


Salón de clases en China

Discipline can be a difficult thing to get right, especially in a classroom where each child responds differently to reprimands and punishment. In an actual Chinese school there are almost no rules regarding discipline, and the teacher decides what is the most appropriate way to deal with problems.

Matching exercise

You will identify useful and basic language that teachers and students use in the classroom. Match the phrases to the pictures by writing in the space the number of the pic that refers to each phrase.

Identificarás el lenguaje básico y útil que profesores y estudiantes usan en el aula. Relaciona las frases con las imágenes.





Good bye


May I go to the restroom?


Excuse me. I have a question

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