Permission, apology and request

You will learn some useful phrases to ask for permission inside and outside the classroom. When you ask for permission to do something inside or outside the classroom, you have to do your best to be polite.
Do not forget to use the word "please".


Look a chart below, there are some phrases to apologize, ask for permission and make requests. Try to use them in the classroom.

Permission May I…please? / Can I … please?
Apology Sorry / Excuse me
Request Can you... please? Informal use
Could you …. please? Formal use
Listening and writing exercise

Read the dialogues and write the correct phrase from the box to complete each space.

Lee los siguientes diálogos y escribe la frase correcta para completar las oraciones.

May I go to the restroom

May I come in


Can you turn off

Thank you


  Conversation 1

A: Yeah?

B: Excuse me,

can you turn off
your cell phone, please?


A: Oh, sorry teacher.



Thank you.

Debes escribir tu respuesta para recibir retroalimentación.

  Conversation 2

A: I’m sorry teacher I’m late

may I come in


B: No problem. Yes, of course.


A: I have my homework.


B:: I’ll check it.


  Conversation 3

A: Excuse me teacher. please?

May I go to the restroom


B: Of course.



I’ll be back.