Listening-Shopping for a party

When we throw a party there are a lot of things to do before our guests arrive! Check the next comic about Dan and Amy who are buying drinks and food for a party tonight!

Listening Writing exercise

Listen to a conversation between Dan and Amy. Look at the comic and complete the gaps with the missing word or phrase.

Shopping for a party

Dan: We need to buy some food and drinks for the party!

Amy: Yes, I want to get some snacks too.

Dan: Are there bottles of soda at home?

Amy: Mmmm, yes, I think we have 2 or 3. Let’s buy more.

Amy: How much money do you have?

Dan: I have $35, and you?

Amy: I have $ 50 in my purse and other $ 15 in my bank account.

Dan: Great!

Shopping for a party

Shopping for a party

Amy: Excuse me, are there more bottles of Coke? There are only 2 here.

Woman salesperson: Of course. How many do you need? We have them in the warehouse.

Dan: Our friends like Coke a lot, so I think we need 5 bottles, please.

Woman salesperson: Sure! Is there any other drink you need?

Amy: Oh, yes, I want some orange juice. I don’t see any here.

Woman salesperson: Ok, bottles or cartons?

Amy: 2 cartons are ok. Thanks!

Man salesperson: Good afternoon! Can I help you?

Dan: Yes, I want a big piece of cheese and a kilogram of ham.

Man: Of course!

Amy: And a quarter of salami, please.

Man: Immediately!

Shopping for a party

Shopping for a party

Amy: Look, Dan! There are a lot of delicious snacks. Do you like this kind of peanuts?

Dan: No, I don’t. Are there with salt and lemon?

Amy: Let me see! Oh, yes. There is a bag.

Dan: Perfect! I like them a lot!

Cashier: Excuse me, is that all?

Amy: Yes, please. How much is it?

Cashier: It's $ 85.

Dan: Ok, It's $35.

Amy: and $50.

Cashier: Thank you.

Amy and Dan: Thank you.

Amy: We are ready for the party.

Dan: Yes, we are.

Shopping for a party

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
True or False exercise

Listen to the conversation again, read the sentences below and choose T (True) or F (False).

  True False

1. Amy and Dan don’t have any drinks at home.

2. They want to buy some cheese and a lot of salami.

3. There is some juice in the supermarket.

4. Dan likes all kinds of peanuts.

5. They don’t need more money to pay.