Happy meal time!

Now, here there is a comic in which Pau is at Diego’s home, they feel like eating something. Let’s discover what it is.

Pau: I’m hungry! Why don’t we go to a restaurant?
Diego: I have a better idea. Why don’t we prepare something to eat?
Pau: Yeah! I want some pizza.
Diego: Sure. Let me check if we have all the ingredients to make the dough.

Pau: What do we need for the dough?

Diego: We need flour, instant yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil, garlic powder and water.

Pau: And what do we have in the cupboard?

Diego: We have some instant yeast, sugar, and salt. Uhmm, there is also some garlic powder and water, but there isn’t any flour nor olive oil.

Pau: Ok, so let’s buy a package of flour and a bottle of olive oil.

Diego: I like the hawaiian type, so I want some pineapple on top.

Pau: Cool! What else do you want on the pizza?

Diego: I want some mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and onion.

Pau: Yuck! I don’t like onion.

Diego: I agree, without onion.

Diego: Do you like pepperoni and chili pepper?

Pau: Yes, I do.

Diego: For the top we have everything except pineapple, cheese and pepperoni.

Pau: So, let’s add to the shopping list a can of pineapple chunks, one pound of pepperoni and two pounds of mozzarella cheese.

Diego: Well, we are done.

Pau: Great! So let’s go out to buy the ingredients. Wait! Do we have any tomatoes for the pasta?

Diego: Let me check it… nope, we need to buy some.

Match exercise

After reading the comic, put a tick next to all the ingredients that are necessary for the dough.

Drag and Drop exercise

Classify the ingredients according to what Pau and Diego like on the top, have in the cupboard and need to buy. Drag and drop the words.

a packet of flour
chili pepper
a pound of pepperoni
a bottle of olive oil







instant yeast

garlic powder


a can of pineapple


2 pounds of mozzarella

True or False exercise

Read again the comic and check if the sentences are true or false.

Fast food at the cafeteria

There are all the ingredients in the cupboard.

They don’t want onion on the top.

Tomatoes are included in the shopping list.

They need to buy garlic powder and flour.

They need two cups of flour and one spoon of olive oil.