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Cultural Clip

Do you know what a “self checkout” is?

Self checkout

A self checkout is a machine in a supermarket. In that machine, people, it means customers can scan the products they buy and then they pay. That means that there isn’t any cashier scanning the products. Clients do it themselves! They can pay with cash or with a bank card, either credit or debit.

This alternative method has some advantages because clients do the job of the cashiers. The supermarket saves money because they don’t have to pay another salary. Another advantage is that those machines are small, so it’s possible to have more options to pay for your products. People don’t wait in long lines, they just go to the checkout, scan the products, pay, and go home!

Do you think there are some disadvantages? Some problems with this alternative mechanism is that some people intentionally scan only some of the products so the supermarket loses lots of money! There is a system supervisor, there are cameras and people who are watching but some people always find a way to shoplift!

Do you think we can have self checkouts in Mexico? Do you think people in general are honest and they would scan all the products in the self checkouts? Would YOU scan all the products?

There are a lot of self Checkouts in countries like the USA, England, Germany, and Canada… But there aren’t many self checkout machines in countries like Honduras, Peru, Brazil or México. That’s sad, isn’t it? But I’m sure you understand why there are more self checkouts in certain countries. Maybe one day we can have a self checkout in Mexico and be sure people will scan ALL the products!