Possessive pronouns

A possessive pronoun replaces a possessive adjective + a noun to avoid repeating information that is already clear.


This is my shirt, not your shirt (sounds repetitive)
This bag is hers, not mine (sounds more natural)
Personal pronouns Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I My This is my bag Mine This bag is mine
You Your Is this your hat? Yours Is this yours?
He His This is not his jacket His This jacket is his
She Her I have her shoes Hers These shoes are hers
It Its This is my cat and these are its toys Its *We do not use possessive pronoun
We Our Our socks are black Ours Ours are yellow
They They Their boots are nice Theirs Theirs are elegant
Writing exercise

Read the comic and write the correct answer.

Lee el comic y escribe la respuesta correcta.


Ana where is my cap

Your cap? No idea. Mine is in the closet.

Anna, where are our passports?

Max, your sunglasses are broken.

No, mine are Ok. Yours are broken

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.

Look, this is my blouse

Yes, it’s hers.

But these are not ours.

But our house is big and theirs is small.