Put it all together

Writing exercise

Read the following descriptions and type the number in the correct picture.

Lee las siguientes descripciones y escribe el número en la imagen correcta.

persona 3
persona 8
persona 4
persona 5
persona 2
persona 1
persona 6
persona 7
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
Drag and drop exercise

Look at the pictures. Drag the words that describe the clothes and drop them in the correct square.

Mira las imágenes y arrastra las palabras que describan la ropa y suéltalas en el cuadrado correspondiente.

  • Striped blouse
  • Green blouse
  • Brown tights
  • Blue shorts
  • Green sweater
  • Black tights
  • Dark blue pants
  • Brown pants
  • Red sneakers
  • Red scarf
  • Black boots
  • Brown bag
  • Red pants
  • Pink shirt
  • Brown sneakers
  • Dark green scarf
  • White shirt
  • Long blue blouse
Writing exercise

Read the following descriptions and fill in the blanks with the missing information according to the pictures.

Lee las siguientes descripciones y completa los espacios de acuerdo a las imágenes.

  1. This man is wearing an orange scarf, a striped blue sweater, blue jeans and blue shoes.
  2. This man is wearing a checked red shirt, blue trousers and brown boots.
  3. This man is wearing a green T-shirt, black jeans and white sneakers.
Listening and writing exercise

Listen to Renata talking about the kind of clothes she likes. Type the correct answers.

Escucha a Renata hablar del tipo de ropa que le gusta. Escribe las respuestas correctas


    What kind of clothes does she love?

  1. Pants
  2. Dresses
  3. Skirts
  4. Favourite color:

  5. Yellow
  6. When it’s cold, she wears:

  7. A hat
  8. A coat
  9. Gloves
  10. Boots
  11. In the Spring she wears:

  12. shoes
  13. a jacket
  14. a skirt