Possessive adjectives

There are some words we use to talk about possession, for example: this is my hat, those are her jeans. Look at the next video to learn about this.


Watch the video. Take notes if it is necessary. Then check the chart to revise some other examples.

Mira el video y toma notas si lo crees necesario. Después revisa la tabla en donde encontrarás otros ejemplos.

Personal pronoun Possessive adjective


I have a t-shirt


My t-shirt is blue

possessive adjectives


You need new jeans


Your jeans are old

possessive adjectives


He has a new jacket


His jacket is fancy

possessive adjectives


She has a new dress


Her dress is polka dot

possessive adjectives


We have new boots


Our boots are green

possessive adjectives


They have some hats


Their hats are beautiful

possessive adjectives
Listening and writing exercise

Listen to the conversation, then write the correct word to complete the conversation. Write my, your, her, or our.

Escucha y completa las oraciones. Usa my, your, her o your.

Lisa Hey Lucy! That is my jacket. Give it to me!
Lucy Sorry Your jacket? That is not true. It is my jacket! It was my mom’s birthday present.
Lisa You’re wrong!
Mom What's happening?
Mom, Lisa thinks that this is her jacket.
Mom That’s right. Lisa, your jacket is purple. Lucy’s jacket is green.
Lisa Sorry Lucy
Lucy That’s fine.
Mom Please, can you help me clean your room? Look, your clothes are everywhere
Lucy Mom, but this is our brother’s clothes. We are in his room.
Mom Oh, that’s right! Sorry.
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.