Introducing someone

Do you think it is difficult to introduce a person?

Listening exercise

Look and listen to these conversations:

Lee y escucha las siguientes conversaciones.


A: Good morning! Mr. Lopez. This is Ms. García. She is our new workmate. Ms. Garcia, this is Mr. Lopez.

B: Nice to meet you, Ms. Garcia.

C: Nice to meet you too, Mr. Lopez.

A: It was a pleasure seeing you, Mr. Lopez.

C: Good bye!

B: Good bye!


A: Hey dude, how are you?

B: I’m great, and you?

A: I’m doing fine, thanks. Hey! This is Sara. She is my girlfriend. Sara, this is Samuel. He is my friend.

C: Nice to meet you, Samuel.

B: Nice to meet you too, Sara.

A: Well, see you later, dude!

B: Bye!


When we introduce a person we start by: “This is…”

Formal situations:
This is Mr Lopez / This is Miss Garcia

Informal situations:
This is Juan / This is Lupe

As you see, for formal situations we use: “This is” + a “title” + a last name

This is Mrs Lopez (married woman)
This is Miss Garcia (single woman)
This is Ms Gonzalez (when we don’t know if the woman is married or single)
This is Mr Perez (For men, single and married)

For Informal situations, we don’t use Titles, we only say: This is + the person’s names
This is Sara, this is Roberto, this is Charlie, this is Sandy

After mentioning the person’s names or last names, we usually mention our relationship with that person.

When it’s a man, we say: He is my … + a relationship
When it’s a woman, we say: She is my … + a relationship


If you don’t know any of the words you have 2 options:

  • Ask a teacher: “What is the meaning of “boss”? or any word you don’t understand.
  • Look the word up in a dictionary:

Study the following vocabulary so that you know how to express different relationships you might have.

Relationships outside the family

 He is my teacher / She is my teacher

 He is my classmate / She is my classmate

 He is my friend / She is my friend

 He is my boyfriend / She is my girlfriend

 He is my best friend / She is my best friend

 He is my neighbour / She is my neighbour

 He is my crush / She is my crush

 He is my boss / She is my boss

 He is my workmate / She is my workmate

 He is my colleague / She is my colleague

Family relationships

 He is my father / She is my mother

 He is my brother / She is my sister

 He is my grandfather / She is my grandmother

 He is my cousin / She is my cousin

 He is my uncle / She is aunt

 He is my nephew / She is my niece

Finally, when we meet a person for the first time, we say: “Nice to meet you”. If the person you meet says that phrase first, then you answer with “Nice to meet you, too”. Always include the person’s name or last name to be more friendly.


A: Hi, David! This is Oscar. He is my classmate. Oscar, this is David. He is my cousin.

B: Nice to meet you, Oscar.

C: Nice to meet you too, David.