Describing your family

A situation in which you can describe a person’s appearance and personality can be when we talk about our family.

Ying is a girl from China and she has a new friend, Elisa. Elisa is Mexican and she wants to tell Ying about her family. Read the following e-mail. Then answer the exercises.

Dear Ying,

I am very happy to be friends. I want to tell you about my family. I live with my mum, my dad and my little sister. We live in Mexico City. My mum’s name is Andrea and she’s 45. She’s Mexican, but she is an English teacher. She’s short and slim. She has short straight blond hair and brown eyes. My mum’s very generous. My dad’s name is Paul and he’s 46. He’s Canadian. He’s tall and a little chubby! My dad’s hair is short, curly and red and he has blue eyes. He’s an engineer and he’s hard-working. My sister Erika is 21 and she loves listening to music. Erika’s favorite singer is Demi Lovato. She has long wavy brown hair and blue eyes, like me, but my hair is curly and my eyes green. Erika’s is very talkative and I’m very shy! We have a pet cat, Bruno. He’s white and very friendly.

Write soon and tell me about your family.



Writing exercise

Read the following sentences. Write   's   if the sentence refers to possessive case or   is   if it refers to verb To Be.

Lee los siguientes enunciados. Escribe 's si se trata de un posesivo o is si es la contracción de is.

My mum’s name 's

My dad’s hair 's

He’s hard-working is

Erika’s favorite singer 's

He’s white is

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.
Writing exercise

Answer the following questions about Elisa's e-mail.

Responde las siguientes preguntas sobre el correo de Elisa.

Who has wavy hair? Erika

Who has green eyes? Elisa

Who is she? Elisa

Who has short red hair? Paul

Who has short blond hair? Andrea

Who talks too much? Erika

Who is short? Andrea

Who has brown eyes? Andrea

Who is friendly? Bruno