To have (affirmative, negative and interrogative forms)

Look at Katy’s description.

Katy Perry

This is Katy Perry, an American Singer. She is 34 years old and her birthday is on 24th October. She is from Santa Barbara, California. She is divorced but she doesn’t have any children. She has one brother and one sister. She is gorgeous. In this photo she has straight blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is slim and tall. She has a medium-sized nose and a small mouth. Does she have any tattoos? Of course! She has 8 small tattoos.

As you can see, we use the verb Have/Has to talk about possession. See the examples below:

  • She has straight blond hair. (affirmative)
  • …but she doesn’t have any children. (negative)
  • Does she have any tattoos? (interrogative)

Now, look at the table below to see how we use the verb To Have in its affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

To have

I have.

I don’t have.

Do I have?

You have.

You don’t have.

Do you have?

He has.

He doesn’t have.

Does he have?

She has.

She doesn’t have.

Does she have?

It has.

It doesn’t have.

Does it have?

We have.

We don’t have.

Do we have?

You have.

You don’t have.

Do you have?

They have.

They don’t have.

Do they have?

Here are more examples:

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
Martina has a big nose. Martina doesn’t have a small nose. Does Martina have a big nose?
Yes, she does.
Ricardo has a moustach. Ricardo doesn’t have a tattoo. Does Ricardo have a tattoo?
No, he doesn’t.
The girls have long wavy hair. The girls don’t have short hair. Do the girls have long hair?
Yes, they do.
Writing exercise

Look at the pictures below. Then, write short descriptions using the phrases given.

Observa las siguientes imágenes y escribe descripciones breves con las frases proporcionadas.

Blue eyes Shakira doesn’t have blue eyes.

Long blond hair She has long blond hair.

Pale skin She doesn’t have pale skin.

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.

Beard Chris has a beard.

Long hair Chris doesn´t have long hair.

Tattoos Chris doesn´t have tattoos.

Long blond hair Brad has long blond hair.

Brown eyes Brad doesn´t have brown eyes.

Moustache Brad doesn´t have a moustache.

Remember that to make affirmative sentences we use: (I/you/we/they) have or (he/she) has.