Time to float

Listening exercise

Listen carefully to the following story. Then, complete the two activities below.

Check exercise

Listen to the story and check T (True), F (False) or NM (Not mentioned).

  True False Not mentioned

1. Mario liked to play outdoor games with his friends and cousins.

2. Mario and his friends spent hours playing with his friend's animals.

3. Mario's friends lived far away from his house. It is not mentioned

4. Mario and his friends enjoyed so much going shopping with his parents.

5. They used to gather to watch movies every weekend.

6. Some of Mario's friends did not finish watching the movie because they were too scared. It is not mentioned

7. When they were watching the movie, they experienced some strange events.

Listening + writing practice

Listen to the story again and answer the questions.

  1. When did they play hide and seek? They played it at twilight.
  2. What kind of TV programs did they like watching? They liked watching cartoons.
  3. What happened to the kids every time the main character of the movie appeared at scene? They had goose bumps.
  4. Did they finish watching the movie? No, they didn't.
  5. Who moved the curtain and the door suddenly? They thought the wind moved them.