Regular verbs

In this section, you can learn about the past. To talk about the past you need to conjugate the verbs. In English there are two big groups of verbs: regular and irregular.

When a regular verb is conjugated into the simple past you just need to add “ED”. Check the verbs and their pronunciation.


Verb in simple form Verb in simple past
play🔊 played🔊
accept🔊 accepted🔊
work🔊 worked🔊
post🔊 posted🔊

Verbs ending in -e

If the verb in simple form ends with an “e” just add a “d” to make the past form .


  • close 🔊
  • closed 🔊
  • recognize🔊
  • recognized🔊
  • rescue🔊
  • rescued🔊
  • live🔊
  • lived🔊

Verbs ending in -Y - i

If the verb in simple form ends with a consonant + y , change it to “i” and add “ed”.


  • study🔊
  • studied🔊
  • copy🔊
  • copied🔊
  • cry🔊
  • cried🔊
  • try🔊
  • tried🔊

Verbs ending in vowel + -Y

If the verb ends with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) + y, just add “ed”.


  • play🔊
  • played🔊
  • stay🔊
  • stayed 🔊
  • employ🔊
  • employed 🔊
  • destroy🔊
  • destroyed🔊

One syllable verbs

Finally, if the verb has only one syllable and the ending structure is consonant + vowel + consonant. Double the final consonant and then add “ed”.


  • plan🔊
  • planned🔊
  • stop🔊
  • stopped🔊
  • rob🔊
  • robbed🔊
  • drop🔊
  • dropped🔊


There are three different ways to pronounce regular verbs /ɪd/, /t/ or /d/.

/ɪd/, /t/ , /d/

are phonetic symbols that represent a sound.

Click on the 🔊 to listen how to pronounce them.

/ɪd/ /t/ /d/
If the verb in the past ends in “ted” or “ded” you pronounce it as /ɪd/. If the verb in simple form ends with these sounds p, k, sh, ch, c, x, s, h, you pronounce it as /t/. If the verb in simple form ends with these sounds l, n, m, r, b, v, g, y, z, or any vowel sound, you pronounce it as /d/.
  • started🔊
  • attended🔊
  • posted🔊
  • accepted🔊
  • closed🔊
  • watched🔊
  • finished🔊
  • kissed 🔊
  • rescued🔊
  • played🔊
  • listened🔊
  • lived🔊
Writing exercise

Check the following regular verbs, write their conjugation in the past. Finally, write the right pronunciation

Verb in simple form Verb in past Write the right pronunciation /t/ /d/ or /ɪd/
help helped t
call called d
accept accepted ed
clean cleaned🔊 d
look looked🔊 t
dance danced🔊 t
play played🔊 d
rob robbed🔊 d
decide decided🔊 ɪd
chat chatted🔊 ɪd
fry fried🔊 d