What’s the best thing/one?

In the previous situation Edward says that:

  • Probability and Statistics is the easiest subject.
  • Differential and Integral Calculus is the hardest one.
  • Cybernetics and Information Technology is the funniest of them all.

In these sentences Edward expresses that one subject has a high quality that the other two subjects don’t have.

So, when comparing one element with the whole group that it belongs to we use the superlative form:

the …est

Do you want to know about the spelling for those and other adjectives?

Let’s take a look at the rules:

One-syllable adjective ending in... Adjective Superlative
  • hard
  • great
  • warm
  • fast
  • the hardest
  • the greatest
  • the warmest
  • the fastest
- e
  • nice
  • strange
  • safe
  • wise
  • the nicest
  • the strangest
  • the safest
  • the wisest
consonant + vowel + consonant
  • big
  • wet
  • hot
  • the biggest
  • the wettest
  • the hottest


The adjective takes a double consonant.

Except some adjectives: new - the newest.

- y
  • easy
  • funny
  • sunny
  • busy
  • the easiest
  • the funniest
  • the sunniest
  • the busiest
Writing exercise

Complete the following conversation with the appropriate superlative form.

Carol: Hey Ryan, I’m the happiest person in the world because my parents are going to give me a trip to the US as a birthday present. (happy)
Ryan: Really Carol, that’s amazing! Where are you going to?
Carol: Well, I’m not sure, there are three options: New York, Miami or Las Vegas.
Ryan: I think that New York is the nicest city. (nice)
Carol: Yeah, but it is the busiest place, too. And maybe it’s not that safe. (busy)
Ryan: So, California is a good option, I know it’s the safest city in the United States. (safe)
Carol: It’s true, but California is not in my options. What about Miami? I love wet and sunny places.
Ryan: For sure, Miami is the hottest and the warmest place of them. (hot / warm)
Carol: Is it expensive?
Ryan: Not at all, New York is the most expensive one and Miami is in the top 10, too. If you want to save, then Las Vegas is a good option. It’s wonderful, spectacular and amusing; you will never get bored, there are many things to do there.
Carol: Fantastic idea! Definitely Las Vegas is my choice. It’s the greatest place to go. (great)