I am the luckiest person in this TV show

It is always important to learn new words and to use the ones you have been learning over and over again. The best way to do it is by reading and using them in our daily speech, so you can’t easily forget them. Another important aspect to consider is learning new words in context, this will help you be aware that words sometimes have more than one meaning and can be used in different contexts. So, let’s check this out!

Do you remember when you were younger and played board games, cards or chess with your family on a Sunday afternoon?

Don’t you think those were the funniest and the most extraordinary moments of your childhood? When you remember those moments and the time you spent with your family, you can certainly say you are the luckiest and the most blessed person in the whole world.

You can spread the word and tell your friends that those were the best or the worst moments that you have, especially when you played trivia games and you could be the most intelligent of the family or the silliest one.


Well, if you want to recall those extraordinary memories you have, you can answer our trivia and find out if you have improved or if you need to read more.

Multiple choice exercise

Imagine you were invited to the most popular show in the world “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. Now, in the last show of your participation, you are about to win the cash prize and become one of the most talented participants and the most popular person in your town. You only have to answer the last five questions. So, carefully read the question and answer it properly.

    1 What is the most famous six-word phrase from the first Star Wars movie?

    • a. The force is always with you.
    • b. May the force be with you.
    • c. Place your faith in the force.
    • d. May the force be always with you.
  1. 2 What is the easiest planet to see in the night sky? (It is the brightest one.)

    • a. Jupiter
    • b. Mars
    • c. Mercury
    • d. Venus
  2. 3 In which country did the world's worst nuclear disaster take place in 1986?

    • a. Sweden
    • b. Finland
    • c. Ukraine (Soviet Union)
    • d. Russia (Soviet Union)
  3. 4 What is the hottest part of a candle's flame?

    • a. the center
    • b. the edge
    • c. the bottom, next to the wax
  4. 5 Which sense suffers the greatest damage when someone is struck by lightning? (It is the last to recover from the shock.)

    • a. Sight
    • b. smell
    • c. touch
    • d. hearing

If you answer all the five questions correctly CONGRATULATIONS! you are NOW the winner of a million dollar cash prize and have become the happiest, smartest and most inspiring person in the world and in your town. Those five questions are the hardest ones and only a few people can answer them. Enjoy your prize and continue learning!
Listening practice
  • Handsome

    Daily activities
  • Funny

    Daily activities
  • Hard

    (difficult situation)

    Daily activities
  • Strange

    Daily activities
  • Healthy

    Daily activities
  • Suitable

    Daily activities
  • Useful

    Daily activities
  • Attractive

    Daily activities
  • Reliable

    Daily activities
  • Boring

    Daily activities
  • Dirty

    Daily activities
  • Amazing

    Daily activities
  • Inspiring

    Daily activities
  • Talented

    Daily activities
  • Smart

    Daily activities
  • Silly

    Daily activities
  • Modern

    Daily activities
  • Ancient

    Daily activities
  • Warming

    Daily activities
  • Busy

    Daily activities