Good, better, best…

Sometimes our days seem to be the best because lots of good things happen and we feel great about it. But some other days we feel terrible and we might even think that we are in the worst day in our lives if that day we have a bad experience. That’s what happens to Dany who is talking to April.

Read the following conversation and pay attention to these words: Best / worst / farthest .

1. The best

When we compare three or more good things and we want to say that one of them is even better than the other two, we use “the best”. Just like in the comic conversation, let’s talk about days.

Monday: I get a 10 in one of my exams (This is a good day).

Tuesday: I get a 10 in another exam and my mother gives me some extra money (This day is better).

Wednesday: I get a 10 in a difficult exam, my mother gives me some extra money and my crush gives me a kiss! (This is the best day!).

Let’s see how to use “the best” in a mini conversation.


A: I think that Messi is the best soccer player in the world.

B: It’s true, but Chicharito is more enthusiastic!

2. The worst

"Worst" is the opposite of "best", just as "bad" is the opposite of "good". Then, when we want to compare three or more bad things and we want to say that one of them is even worse than the other two, we use “The worst”.

Now, let’s compare different problems.

Problem 1: Juan loses his wallet with $100 (That’s a bad problem).

Problem 2: Raul loses his new iphone (This problem is more serious, it is worse).

Problem 3: Susy loses her computer and all her school papers (Definitely, this is the worst problem).


Now look at this mini conversation to read “the worst” in context.

A: What’s up? You look so sad! Is everything ok?

B: This is, by far, the worst day of my life. My girlfriend broke up with me.

A: Cheer up, dude! Life goes on!

3. The farthest / The furthest

When we talk about distance we usually need to use the word “far”. When comparing three or more places that are far, we use The farthest / the furthest when we mean that a place is even farther than the other two.

Let’s compare the distance between Mexico City and three places:

Mexico City - Toluca: 64k. This place is a little far.

Mexico City - Acapulco: 380 Km. Acapulco is farther than Toluca.

Mexico City - Cancun: 1608 Km. Cancun is the farthest place.


Farthest refers to physical distance and furthest to figurative distance.


The farthest place I know is Egypt (physical distance).

This is the furthest investigation about coronavirus, it has the latest news. (figurative distance).

Writing exercise

Complete the following conversation with the correct form of far, good or bad.

A: Hey dude, How was your first day in your new school? Did you like it?
B: Sure, I did! My classmates are awesome, teachers are great and the food is the best, especially the pizza, that is the most delicious you can taste.
A: Lucky you! My school is the worst! Bathrooms are dirty, some teachers give five minute classes, there are harassment issues, we have to go to theater plays to get extra points, and some students sell drugs and they make up excuses to organize school strikes so that we can lose classes! Even my sister’s school is better and you know how bad that school is, too.
B: That sucks, dude. But you have to see the good side. Your school is very near your home. Your sister’s school is farther and mine is the farthest! I have to take a bus, after that the subway and then another bus.
A: Thanks for cheering me up! I just hope one fine day school workers, teachers and students realize they have to behave in a different way so that we can have a school like yours… By the way, which school do you go to?
B: CCH! and fortunately we don’t have any of those problems you have at your school.