Contrast –est/the most/irregular

Can it get any better?

Reading + writing exercise

Neo had a very unusual day, one she will never forget. Read the text and complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjective.



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Today was not what I expected. I got up, got ready and left for school. I got a message from my BFF 💓 which said “I got tickets for Katy Perry’s concert with backstage passes and one is for you”. OMG! 🎊❤️ I couldn’t believe it! She is the most popular female singer in the whole world 💁‍♀️🌎.

Some people think that Shakira is the best (good), and some others think that Belinda is the most talented (talented), but, SORRY! For me, Belinda sings well, but she is the worst (bad) artist I know 🤮. So, for me, she is not an option. Between Shakira and Katy 🤔, I think Katy is better (good) because I think her songs are deeper and her shows are more produced.

She is the most amazing (amazing) famous person I have ever met 👸. I’m right here with her and she is the best 😍😍😍 She is not only more beautiful than (beautiful) Belinda and more talented than (talented) Shakira, she is the most amazing human being! I love her! @KatyPerry I will always love you! Thanks for the most warming (warming) hug and the most inspiring words I have ever heard. 💖💖💖