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Imagine that your English teacher asks you to make a presentation about the modal verb “CAN”. Everybody at CCH Vallejo knows this teacher expects something really creative and imaginative in your presentation and obviously to use this modal perfectly well. You think about it all night long and you decide to do it about your family. Every member of your family has special abilities, talents and skills. They’re anonymous heroes.

The Hendersons
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Read the descriptions below and complete the missing information.

We are the Hendersons!


My dad is awesome. He possesses superhuman strength.

He a truck with only one arm and without any effort.

He also very fast. Flash is a toddler next to my wonderful father.

He a bullet if he wants too. I love him so much!


My mom is extraordinary. She possesses superhuman senses.

She when my siblings and I lie. She any object you throw her even if she is not watching. She other people’s energy and she if they are good or bad people.

Older brother

My older brother is just great. He for hours without problem. He possesses superhuman endurance. I admire him so much and envy him a little because he for a long time and he for a few minutes in the air. He seems like he .

Youngest sister

My youngest sister is just amazing. She wounds and any kind of physical injury. She her own energy to others without losing hers.

She is still very young, but my family thinks she as well.

Although we ask her to do it, she insists she it.


Finally, me. I many extraordinary things like my parents and siblings, but I from one place to another only if I know where it is. I with my family using only my mind but I it with other people.

Nowadays it is very common to hear people talking about superheroes. They express their opinions about which superhero is the best. Can you tell which is the best for you? Can you identify some skills and talents they have? What can or can’t they do?


Listen to the following audios and choose the correct options. Choose only the options that are mentioned in the audio.

Captain America
Self evaluation

When you complete this final activity, it’s time to have a self-evaluation. That evaluation helps you know which topics you have to review again and which topics you know very well. Read the following questions and answer them according to your own performance.

Self evaluation
I am an expert NOW in this topic!
Self evaluation
I think I need to practice a bit more.
Self evaluation
I am starting to believe I need to start over again.

How good is your vocabulary about several abilities and talents that people have?


Try to check this section: General abilities

Try to check this section: General abilities

Can you identify abilities that people have in a text or a conversation?

Very well!

Try to check this section: Different abilities

Try to check this section: Different abilities

Can you express your own abilities and other people’s abilities?


Try to check this section: Different abilities

Try to check this section: Different abilities

Do you usually respect differences and talents that other people have?

Wow! We are to know that!

Try to check this section: What can you do to stop bullying?

Try to check this section: What can you do to stop bullying?