Time expressions

Reading practice

What is your favorite month of the year? What is your favorite season? Do you celebrate Christmas? Read the following conversation and see what these guys say about this.

¿Cuál es tu mes favorito del año? ¿Cuál es tu estación favorita? ¿Celebras la Navidad? Lee la siguiente conversación y observa lo que estos chicos mencionan sobre esto.

If we want to say when something happens we have to use time expressions, but they are sometimes difficult to understand. Also, there are expressions that take prepositions (in, on, at), and that makes it a bit more difficult. Do you know how to use them? Don’t worry if not! Check this out!

We use:

When telling the time
  • At eight o’clock
  • At eleven thirty
  • At nine fifteen AM
With the expressions:
  • At noon
  • At night
  • At midnight
With a day of the week
  • On Monday
  • On Saturday
With specific dates
  • On December 10th
  • On September 16th
  • On April 7th
At a specific moment of the day
  • On Sunday morning
  • On Monday morning
  • On Saturday night
With the expression:
  • On weekday
With months
  • In January
  • In April
  • In August
With years
  • In 2014
  • In 1981
  • In 2020
With the expressions:
  • In the morning
  • In the afternoon
  • In the evening
With seasons
  • In the spring
  • In the summer
  • In the fall/autumn
  • In the winter
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Conversation 1

A: Hi, Bibi! When’s your birthday?

B: My birthday is December 20th. What about yours?

A: the summer. August 30th.

Conversation 2

A: Hi, Jamie! You work in an art gallery, don’t you?

B: That’s correct.

A: Is it opened all week?

B: Yes, it is. weekdays it is opened all day, but Saturday and Sunday it is opened only the morning.

Conversation 3

A: I want to go on vacation the fall but I don’t know where.

B: You have to go to Mexico City November. It’s amazing with all the colors in the streets and the cultural activities.