Put it all together

Writing exercise

It’s Brenda’s birthday and she plans to have a party in a rented house, in Acapulco. She needs to know if everything is ready for the party, so she is asking about the existence of different rooms and objects in that house. Complete the conversation. She is talking to George, the house’s owner.

Es el cumpleaños de Brenda y planea hacer una fiesta en Acapulco, en una casa rentada. Brenda quiere saber si todo está listo para la fiesta, así que está solicitando información sobre la existencia de habitaciones y mobiliario de esa casa. Completa la conversación entre Brenda y George, el dueño de la casa en Acapulco.

Inside the house

B: Hi George! I’m here to know if everything is ready for the party.

G: Well, all the house is clean and ready for the party.

B: That’s good news! and em, some of my friends need a place to stay. Are there any bedrooms (bedrooms) available for my friends?

G: Yes, there are 3 big bedrooms upstairs.

B: And are there any pillows (pillows)?

G: Yes, there is a pillow on each bed.

B: Great! What about bathrooms? Are there any bathrooms (bathrooms)?

A: Yes, no problem. There are 2 bathrooms (2 bathrooms) downstairs and there is one bathroom in each bedroom.

B: Very well! what else? Oh yeah, the food. Are there any dishes (dishes) for the food? or I need to buy some.

A: Don’t worry for that, There are enough dishes. They are in the cupboard.

B: Are there cups (cups) too? We plan to have some beverages.

A: Yes, no problem. There are cups (cups) on the right side of the plates. Oh and we have cutlery too. They are in the kitchen drawers.

B: Well, I guess everything is ready. I’m glad to hear that.

A: I’m sure you will have a great celebration, oh and happy birthday!

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