Put it all together

Multiple choice exercise

Choose the correct option to complete the dialogues.

Elige la opción correcta para completar los diálogos.

    Dialogue 1
    • hers
    • Amy’
    • Amy’s
  1. Dialogue 2
    • my
    • mine
    • Mike’s
  2. Dialogue 3
    • my, you
    • your, my
    • mine, your
  3. Dialogue 4
    • our, ours
    • our, our
    • ours, ours
  4. Dialogue 5
    • teacher, his
    • teacher’s, her
    • teachers’, hers
  5. Dialogue 6
    • Whose, mine
    • Whose, my
    • Whose, my belt
  6. Dialogue 7
    • This, your
    • These, mine
    • those, yours
  7. Dialogue 8
    • Who’s, this
    • Who’s, that
    • Whose, that
  8. Dialogue 9
    • This
    • That
    • These
  9. Dialogue 10
    • These, those
    • That, This
    • Those, that


Writing exercise

Write the correct word or phrase from the box to complete the conversation.

Escribe la palabra o frase que complete correctamente la conversación.


Use these words








Amy: Excuse, Is this your chair?

Violet: No, not at all. Take it!

Amy: Thank you very much! I’m the new student. My name is Amy! What’s your name?

Violet: Mine is Violet, nice to meet you Amy!

Amy: Violet, what’s your last name?

Violet: Smith! Yours?

Amy: Taylor!

Violet: Oh, are you Sam's sister? He is with me in Karate.

Amy: Yeah! Sam is my brother. So, you’re together in Karate! Nice!

Violet: Yes! Oh, come Amy, let me introduce you with my friends. Paul, John, Casey, this is Amy.

Amy: Hello, nice to meet you, guys! Paul, John and Casey: Glad to meet you, Amy!

Casey: That is a cool satchel, Amy!

Amy: Thanks, Casey! I love your glasses!

Casey: Thank you!

Paul: Hey, guys let’s go to the classroom!

Complete all the gaps to get feedback.