When you were different


Use comparatives when contrasting two people, places or objects. Go to This is better if you need to review the rules to form Comparatives.

Comparatives are used with the verb To Be in the past to contrast Past and Present attitudes, physical appearance, personality, and states of mind.

Look at the chart. Some examples with the verb To Be + Comparatives are presented. Listen how they are pronounced.

Adjective Past Present
thin When you were different Angie was thinner last year. 🔊 When you were different She is chubbier. 🔊
shy When you were different Mario was shier at elementary school. 🔊 When you were different He is more outgoing. 🔊
interesting When you were different Math classes were more interesting when I was younger. 🔊 When you were different I don't like Math anymore. It is more boring than it was before. 🔊
far When you were different My house was farther from Mexico City when I was a teenager. 🔊 When you were different My apartment is closer to Mexico City now. 🔊

How many times do people get their heart broken?

Do you think people can change overnight?

Is it disappointing when somebody treats you bad after treating you right?

Read the following comic strip about a girl and a boy who broke up because they are not the same anymore. Look at the dialogs and pay attention to the comparisons they make.

When you were different
Writing Exercise

Go back to the story and complete the chart with examples of verb To Be in Present / Past + Comparative adjectives in the order they appear in the comic strip. Write all the examples you can find.

1 | You were more romantic.

2 | You were kinder.

3 | You were more tolerant and more patient.

4 | Our relationship was better.

5 | It is harder to talk to you.

6 | You are more jealous now.