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Tony Osornio

Tony Osornio. Determination, courage and love for life

Maria Antonieta Osornio Ramirez was born on July 10th, 1954 in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico. She was an extrovert and outgoing girl who always spent time playing with her brothers and cousins.She was an excellent student and school was her favorite place. She wanted to free herself from her parents and she decided to get married to Serafín when she was only 15 years old. She was very determined and brave, she never said no and accepted every challenge. She was a skydiver and became the first woman to be part of the military skydiving division gaining a sub-lieutenant degree. She was very pretty and faced every challenge the best way she could.

She was one of the best skydivers in the Mexican National Army, Mexico and the world. She won lots of skydiving contests. Her last jump was in 1984 in a ceremony where the President Miguel de la Madrid hosted a commemoration for the flag’s day. That day, she suffered a terrible accident and was in hospital for almost three years. She, fortunately, survived the accident but life would not be the same.

Since that day she was paraplegic and her life changed for everyone in her family. She divorced her husband. Her son and daughter have been her arms and legs since then, especially her daughter. Tony was frustrated, sad and downcast, she said she was a burden for her family. However, her daughter, Mariela, was her savior and heroine, and helped Tony accept her condition.

After overcoming those obstacles and accepting her condition, in 1992, she studied an intensive Human Development course with Dr. Marcela Musi and was determined to help disabled people or people with her same condition. She was a support and a great motivation for all those forgotten people who were in the same circumstances as her.

In 1997, she founded the Humanist Foundation for Handicap People and Cautive Attention in Mexico City along with Martha. She was a teacher, a friend, and an unconditional human being whose only task and objective was to help people accept their life, their condition and overcome their problems.

Multiple choice exercise

Choose the best option according to the reading.

    1 Who was Tony Osornio?

    • She was an athlete.
    • She was a member of the army.
    • She was a teacher.
  1. 2 Did she get married when she was very young?

    • Yes, she did.
    • No, she didn’t.
    • She was old enough to get married.
  2. 3 Why did Tony retire from jumping in a parachute?

    • Because he was getting old.
    • Because she had to take care of her children.
    • Because she was involved in an awful accident.
  3. 4 Who helped Tony accept her condition?

    • Her daughter.
    • Her son.
    • Her best friend.
  4. 5 After accepting her destiny, was Tony able to help other people with her same condition?

    • It is not mentioned.
    • Yes, she was.
    • No, she wasn’t.
  5. 6 Was Tony founder of the Humanist Foundation for Handicap People and Cautive Attention in Mexico City?

    • No, she wasn’t. She only was a teacher there.
    • No, she wasn’t. She only was a student there.
    • Yes, she was. She founded it along with her friend.

A Venn Diagram to organize information.

Now, you know how to classify information using T-charts. But there are other ways to organize information, for example using a Venn Diagram to contrast qualities, physical characteristics, etc. is another way that helps you organize the information.

Before doing the following exercise, read and check the following information about what a Venn Diagram is.

A Venn Diagram helps us organize our information visually and allow us to see similarities and differences of the objects or people we want to analize.

If you are a little confused or don’t know what a Venn Diagram is, do not worry. Check this infographic to help you understand this concept.


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Drag and drop exercise

Read again the text about Tony Osornio. Then, drag and drop the following ideas into the correct part of the Venn Diagram.

She is brave
She is divorced
She did many things by herself
She is a teacher
She is kind
She was a skydiver
She is determined
She can´t do many things by herself
She was a sub-lieutenant at the army
She has her own altruistic foundation
She was married

Tony's life | Before & after the accident