Teenagers in the past

Listen and organize the information

Sometimes when we listen to someone speaking in English our brain is busy trying to understand all the information and we can miss details. Graphic organizers help us to order information and put all our notes in one place. Charts, tables or matrixes can be used to solve this problem. Here you can see two examples, the T-chart and the matrix.

A T-Chart is a graphic organizer that compares two things, places, events, people, activities, etc. Look at these examples.


A table or matrix diagram organizes different aspects of the information to compare and contrast parts of a topic. Check the example

Table or matrix diagram

If you want to know more about graphic organizers, visit this website! Graphic Organizers.

Let's practice!

Listening Writing Practice

Listen and write ONE WORD in each space to complete the matrix.

PART 1/3

Ariadna and her father
Teenagers in the past
Ariadna's life Her father's life
  • video games
  • cell phones
  • tablets
  • bicycles
  • skates
  • yoyos
  • marbles
Places to play
  • children play at home
  • children played on the streets
Weekend activities
  • she visits her grandmother, goes to the movies, and watches series.
  • he visited his aunt
  • he went to church and watched Chabelo's TV show

PART 2/3

Ramses and his mom
Teenagers in the past
My mom's life My life
  • Rock and pop music
  • There was less technology in TV programs
  • There were more houses
  • There were more parks
  • Children spent more time on the street
  • Reggaeton music
  • Animation now is better
  • There are more apartments
  • There are less trees
  • Children spend more time at home

PART 3/3

Ademar and his grandmother
Teenagers in the past
Life in the 50s Life in the 2020s
  • Teenagers played children's games
  • There weren't color TVs
  • Women and men imitated the fashion of movie and TV stars
  • School was very different
  • They studied four hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon
  • Teenagers play with video games, cell phones and tablets
  • Fashion and trends are dictated by TV and influencers on social networks
  • Students don't have cooking, modeling or sewing classes anymore