Verbs in present and Past

Vocabulary is one of the most important aspects when learning English. Increasing your lexicon will help you improve all the other areas of the language: listening, reading, writing and speaking because the more words you know, the more things you will be able to say and understand. You also need to consider that learning a new word implies that you understand what it means, its pronunciation, if it is a formal or informal word, the different meanings it may have, etcetera. When you are trying to learn a new word, it is a good idea to practice it in context as much as possible. The vocabulary that you will find here focuses on verbs in present and past which you will find throughout this material. Study these words carefully as they will help you understand it in a better way.

Listening practice

Study the following vocabulary carefully. Listen to the pronunciation of each word and observe the images carefully so that you can understand each phrase.

  • Wake up/woke up at 6:00 am

    Wake up/woke up at 6:00 am
  • Swim/swam 3 times a week

    Swim/swa 3 times a week
  • Have/had lunch

    Have/had lunch
  • Chat/chatted with my friends

    Chat/chatted with my friends
  • Check/checked Facebook

    Check/checked Facebook
  • Miss/missed my friends

    Miss/missed my friends
  • Launch/launched Facebook

    Launch/launched Facebook
  • Meet/met a cute boy/girl

    Meet/met a cute boy/girl
  • Bury/buried someone

    Bury/buried someone
  • Portray/portrayed someone

    Portray/portrayed someone
  • Stick/sticked your head underground

    Stick/sticked your head underground
  • Eradicate/eradicated a disease

    Eradicate/eradicated a disease
  • Get/got vaccinated

    Get/got vaccinated
  • Feed/fed my baby

    Feed/fed my baby
  • Treat/treated someone with

    Treat/treated someone with
  • Feel/felt attracted

    Feel/felt attracted
  • Cross/crossed a path

    Cross/crossed a path
  • Build/built tools

    Build/built tools
  • Share/shared information

    Share/shared information
  • Rub/rubbed something

    Rub/rubbed something

If you still have questions about any of the expressions on the flip cards, you can always look them up in a dictionary Cambridge dictionary

Writing Exercise

Complete the following conversations with one of the phrases from the flip cards. Pay attention to the context as you will need to use the same expression twice: in present and in past.

Verbs in present and past

Juan: How often do you check your Facebook?

Rosy: I usually check my facebook once a week, but yesterday I checked my Facebook a lot of times because I found some cool memes!

Verbs in present and past

Mary: Hey! Guess what! I think I feel attracted to my new neighbor, she looks gorgeous.

Ramiro: What? Again? But, last week you felt attracted to your new classmate! How is it possible?

Mary: Well, she was gorgeous, too!

Verbs in present and past

Erika: Susy fed her baby 5 hours ago and he is hungry again!

Cinty: I know, babies usually eat every 3 hours or so. Actually, Susy feeds her baby 8 times a day!

Verbs in present and past

Alfred: Wow! Look at the boy, he builds his own tools to play! It’s amazing!

Aaron: He always does that kind of things. Last week, for example, he built tools for his siblings.

Verbs in present and past

Luis: Did you know that humankind eradicated smallpox thanks to vaccines?

Albert: Really? That’s super cool! Why don’t we eradicate all the other diseases we have vaccines for?

Luis: We might do it one day, the problem now is that lots of people think vaccines are dangerous.