Look at the following examples. How do we say countries and nationalities in English?

  • He is
  • She is
  • I am
  • You are
  • They are
  • We are
  • It is
+ nationality
  • He is
  • She is
  • I am
  • You are
  • They are
  • We are
  • It is
from + country
  • personaje

    She is French

    She is from France

  • personaje

    She is British

    She is from England

  • personaje

    He is Argentine or Argentinian

    He is from Argentina

  • personaje

    She is Australian

    She is from Australia

  • personaje

    He is Brazilian

    He is from Brazil

  • personaje

    She is Canadian

    She is from Canada

  • personaje

    He is Chinesse

    He is from China

  • personaje

    She is German

    She is from Germany

  • personaje

    She is Greek

    She is from Greece

  • personaje

    He is Irishman or Irelander

    He is from Ireland

  • personaje

    He is Italian

    He is from Italy

  • personaje

    He is Japanese

    He is from Japan

  • personaje

    She is Portuguese

    She is from Portugal

  • personaje

    He is Spanish or Spaniard

    He is from Spain

  • personaje

    She is American

    She is from the USA

Listening and writing exercise

Listen the audios and complete the sentences.

Escucha los siguientes audios y completa las oraciones.

1. The nationality of someone from Turkey is


2. The nationality of someone from Denmark is


3. The nationality of someone from United Kingdom is


4. The nationality of someone from Egypt is


5. The nationality of someone from Poland is


6. The nationality of someone from Ireland is


7. The nationality of someone from Scotland is


8. The nationality of someone from Brazil is


Complete all the gaps to get feedback.

Listen to the conversation and fill in with the missing information.

Escucha la siguiente conversación y completa la información faltante.


Zoe: Sammy, look at our Friends! We are all from different countries!

Sammy: Where are you from, Zoe?

Zoe: I´m from London in England so I’m English! What about you? Where are you from?

Sammy: I´m not English! I´m from New Delhi, in India. I´m Indian.

Sammy: Where is Fiona from, Zoe?

Zoe: She is from Cape Town, in South Africa, She is South African.

Sammy: Do you know where he comes from?

Zoe: Tommy is from Toronto, in Canada. He is Canadian!

Sammy: Oh! And don´t forget there´s also Fábio. He is a new student from Lisbon, Portugal. He is Portuguese.

Zoe: Our class is so cool!

Cultural Clip

English is the official language of the sky! It doesn’t matter which country they are from, all pilots speak in English on international flights.

The terms United Kingdom, Great Britain and England are often confused. Great Britain comprises England, Wales, and Scotland. The United Kingdom also includes Northern Ireland.