Childhood memories

Some people like to remember their childhood and some others try to forget about it. Memories are a good way to remember where we are from and share our life experiences with others.




Listen to the weekly show “Remembering is living” and choose the correct answer according to the audio.

Check exercise

Mark the sentences True (T), False (F) or Not Mentioned (NM).

  True False Not mentioned

1. The radio program is about music

2. Marcus was born in Los Angeles.

3. Marcus’s parents were lawyers.

4. Angie was born in 1989.

5. Angie’s best friends were Ariana and Liz.

6. Angie’s little sister’s name was Emma.

7. There was an arcade near Nico’s neighborhood.

8. Nico was very lazy when he was a child.

9. Nico’s parents were not happy.

10. Nico’s favorite TV show was ALF

Listening + writing practice

Listen again and answer the following questions.

  1. What was Marcus like when he was a child? He was naughty.
  2. What was Marcus's favorite TV program? His favorite program was Batman.
  3. Where was Angie born? She was born in New Orleans.
  4. Was there a shopping mall near Angie’s house? Yes, there was.
  5. How old was Angie when her sister was born? She was twelve years old.
  6. When was Nico Born? He was born in 1980.
  7. Who was Nico’s best friend? His best friend was Bruce.
  8. Why were Nico and his best friend happy when they were children? Because there was an arcade near their neighborhood.
  9. What was Nico like when he was a child? He was quiet and hard-working.