Things you can´t live without

Listening Writing exercise

Jaz and Dani are very good friends, they’re having lunch at a cafeteria. Listen to them talking about their favorite things in life.

Shopping for a party

Read the comic and answer the questions. Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and a period at the end, and don’t forget to use commas where necessary.

Example: Coffee/A cup of coffee is always next to Dani when he does homework.

1. Jaz is carrying two pairs of sunglasses today in her bag.

2. Julio/Jaz’s brother always goes to the park with Marla.

3. Marla/Jaz’s dog is sleeping right now.

4. Laura/Dani’s girlfriend hardly ever gets bad notes at school.

5. Dani is taking the bus to school this week.

6. Jaz and Dani are having a class in 20 minutes.

Multiple choice exercise

Listen to the conversation again and choose the correct option for each person.

1. Dani...

2. Jaz...

3. Marla...

4. Laura....

5. Dani’s dad...

Listening Writing exercise

Listen to the conversation again and complete the sentences using from two to three words.

  1. Jaz is carrying two pairs of sunglasses in her bag.
  2. Jaz’s favorite song is playing in the cafeteria.
  3. Jaz’s dog is dreaming about her next visit to the park.
  4. Dani’s girlfriend usually helps him with his math homework.
  5. Dani frequently wears sunglasses when he rides his bike in the morning.
Complete all the gaps to get feedback.