People I love

Chloe´s family

Hello! My name is Chloe. I’m 15. I’m from the UK and I want to tell you about my lovely family. We live in Canterbury, a beautiful city in the southeast of England.In the picture you can see my family. I have two siblings, parents and grandparents.

My mother’s name is Arlenne and she’s 32, she is a doctor. My father’s name is Peter and he’s 34 years old, he’s a nurse. My parents work in a hospital near our house, they work a lot. My sister’s name is Rachel, she’s 9. She’s really funny. She goes to primary school. My little brother’s name is Darick, he is 5 years old. He loves playing with Rachel all the time.

The other people in the photo are my father’s parents. My grandma is Grace and my grandfather’s name is Baruck. My grandmother is 57 and my grandfather is 59, they are lovely, we sometimes visit them and we go to the park. My grandma has a tender bunny as a pet, it is called Mr. Picky. My pet is a member in our family too. We are a great family!

Multiple choice

Read the sentences and choose the best option.

Lee las siguientes preguntas y da clic en la opción correcta.

Drag and Drop exercise

Read the following questions about Chloe’s family. Drag and drop the phrases into the correct space.

Después de haber leído sobre la familia de Chloe, da respuesta a las preguntas arrastrando las frases de la izquierda en el espacio que corresponda.

He is Darick.
She is Arlenne.
She is Rachel.
They are Rachel and Darick.
He is Baruck.

1. Who’s Peter’s wife?

2. Who are Chloe’s siblings?

3. Who’s a funny person in Chloe’s family?

4. Who’s Arlenne and Peter’s son?

5. Who’s Peter’s father?

My favorite photo

Select exercise

Read what Karen writes to her friend Alina, then choose the best option to complete it.

Lee la carta que Karen escribe a su amiga Alina, luego selecciona la opción correcta.

Dear Alina,
How are you doing my dear ! Here I send to you a photo of me and my . The girl on the left is my Endora, she is quite extrovert. On the right, you can see my Nestor, he is really shy, but he is a lovely boy. In this moment, we are living with my , she’s my mother’s sister, her name is Paulina, in the photo she is on the left behind us. The person on the right is my , Sonia. My , Santiago, is not in the photo because he took the picture.
Well I can tell you that every Sunday my come to our house, they are my father’s parents. I love them because they bring some candies for us and other gifts. I don’t usually meet my mother’s because they live in Monterrey, and it’s far from here.
What about you Alina? What’s new?
Lots of love.

My favorite photo