Why is spelling important?

  • Good spelling facilitates communication.
  • Good spelling avoids confusion.
  • Bad spelling does not leave a good impression.

Watch the video and see some examples.

As you can see, spelling is very important when we give our names to avoid misspelling. So, let's learn how to spell!

Listening practice

Below there is the alphabet. Listen to the pronunciation of each letter to identify each sound of the alphabet.

A = [eɪ] B = [biː] C = [siː] D = [diː] E = [iː]
F = [ɛf] G = [dʒiː] H = [eɪtʃ] I = [aɪ] J = [dʒeɪ]
K = [keɪ] L = [ɛl] M = [ɛm] N = [ɛn] O = [oʊ]
P = [piː] Q = [kjuː] R = [ɑr] S = [ɛs] T = [tiː]
U = [juː] V = [viː] W = [ˈdʌbəl juː] say: double-ju X = [ɛks] Y = [waɪ]
Z = [zɛd] in British English, [ziː] in American English




Matching exercise

Write the following letters that matchs with their correct sounds.

Escribe la letra que corresponda al sonido de cada una éstas.

1. Z

2. I

3. A

4. J

5. G

6. Y

Debes escribir tu respuesta para recibir retroalimentación.

Can you spell your name?

Listening exercise

Listen to the conversations and complete the form with the correct name or surname.

Escucha las conversaciones y completa los formularios con el nombre o apellido de la persona.

Notice that surname and last name are the same. Surname is British English and last name is American English.

  • personaje

    First name: Ibbie

    Last name: Reeves

  • personaje

    First name: Jaret

    Last name: White

  • personaje

    First name: Stella

    Last name: Jones

  • personaje

    First name: Louis

    Last name: Butler

  • personaje

    First name: Denise

    Last name: Bryant

  • personaje

    First name: Kathie

    Last name: Courtney

Cultural Clip

There are seven ways to spell the sound ‘ee’ in English. This sentence contains all of them: ‘He believed Caesar could see people seizing the seas’.